JAD series thread winding spiral heat exchanger

SECESPOL International Group in 1988 invented the world's first spiral screw shell and tube heat exchangers JAD, because of the unparalleled advantage in the field of soft drinks heat exchanger, heat transfer coefficient up to 14000w / ㎡. ℃, high temperature, high in Europe as the 'Prince of steam.'
JAD screw thread tube heat exchanger is SECESPOL international group of leading products, the volume of traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, one-tenth of all-welded stainless steel construction, both the brazed plate heat exchanger with small size, the advantages of high temperature , but also to overcome the sealing plate heat exchanger strip (its material is nitrile rubber and ethylene propylene rubber) aging, high maintenance costs of the defects

Asymmetric design,
Compact, small footprint,
Stainless steel welding, high temperature, high pressure,
Steam heat exchanger, the heat transfer coefficient up to 14000W / m. ℃,
Spiral wound reverse threaded pipe, turbulence effect,
Small size, light weight, easy installation,
Easy to clean, low cost, design life 40 years,
Design flexibility, wide range of application conditions,

Pipe: Stainless steel,
Shell: stainless steel,
Welding: stainless steel,
Flange: stainless steel or carbon steel,

JAD heat exchanger compact small size, can reduce the investment, reduce installation cost and save space.

The JAD Series are widely used in:

HVAC heating
Pharmaceutical refrigeration
Food evaporation
Chemical condensation
Textile Machinery