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We have a professional design & support center, use the “Cairo” calculator software to make sure the technical scheme we provided is more accurately & efficiency. Every scheme is based on the user’s detailed information. The trustful product, best service, high reputation is ours promise. We focus on provide optical heat exchange product and locally engineering solutions for more and more different business. Now we have set a comprehensive sale and after sales network, which spread HVAC, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food, beverage, dairy and power fields.

Based on the all stainless steel texture and heat exchange technical advantage, we get high reputation since 2006 in the different field such as fine chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage etc.

High heat exchange efficiency, small volume, light weight, easy for installation and low maintenance … All the advantages have been verification by many different projects.

 Pharmaceutical and chemical solvent condensate system

 浙江国邦药业 西南合成制药  浙江新和成   亚邦齐晖制药 山东齐鲁制药
宁夏启元药业 浙江东邦化工  鲁抗集团  石药集团  ……

 Pharmaceutical water for injection system 

上海信谊药业  武汉人福药业  四川科伦药业  山东齐都制药  宁波天衡药业
辽宁美亚制药 山西太行药业  长春精优药业   三九制药 ……

 Food and beverage cleaning and sterilization system

 蒙牛乳业 伊利乳业   青岛啤酒 朝日啤酒 汇源果汁
 荣氏果汁  可口可乐   中天昊宇   喜旺食品  ……

Other technology systems

 上海罗门哈斯 西南合成制药 银鹰化纤厂 新华医疗器械


上海庄臣  利民制药 华北制药倍达 山东铂源化工