Condensation effect, and fully reflects the SECESPOL spiral wound heat exchanger tubes of high-tech advantage; condensation speed (original 5000L auto..
Qilu Pharmaceutical Group, a branch of atmospheric condensation of acetone vapor flow rate 1100 kg / h, inlet and outlet temperature 57/40 ℃, circula..
Into a group of new and DMF vapor vacuum distillation of a factory, operating pressure-0.09Mpa, flow of 700kg / h, inlet and outlet temperature 85/40 ..
Sichuan coron Group, a subsidiary injection workshop in the batching system uses multiple SECESPOL heat exchanger to provide a stable water for inject..
Sanjiu Group a branch of the cooling water for injection, 4.5t / h of water for injection dropped from 80 ℃ 50 ℃, 28/33 ℃ cooling water refrigerant..
Distillation of dichloromethane, using more than one year, the company saves frozen brine preparation cost of 50 million.
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