Laiwu, Shandong Huiyuan Juice factory, working conditions for the hot water temperature of 90 degrees to 10 degrees, the heat is 1163kw, process water..
SECESPOL stainless steel heat exchanger for the whole structure, high temperature, high pressure, effectively avoiding the cleaning fluid and acid-bas..
The process is the use of high-temperature sterilization complete sets of equipment in use 0.4MPA saturated steam, the water, 0.4t, the material is 0...
SECESPOL heat exchanger small size, light weight, easy installation, you can effectively use on-site limited space to Huiyuan Group Dangshan factory C..
Caramel Group Shandong branch of the original use of the sugar process section 7 square meters of panels for normal operation, only to meet the normal..
To ensure that the juice in aseptic cold filling technology in the safe use of Huiyuan Group, Beijing Branch using SECESPOL heat exchanger unit formed..
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