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SECESPOL Intelligent heat exchanger unit

With the continuous development of district heating for a small heat exchanger, heat exchanger unit appeared on the market. Because it can reduce construction investment, reduce the area, so it is recognized by more and more customers. SECESPOL company launched a series to meet different user needs heat exchanger unit, small to 50KW, large 10MW; from manual control to intelligent control, you can choose.

SECESPOL JAD heat exchanger unit is integrated heat exchanger, circulation pump, supply pump, thermometers, pressure gauges, sensors, piping and valves and industrial district heating in one complete set of equipment, and installation of the frequency up constant pressure water systems, water systems, traffic control systems, calorimeter, and network communication control system, is the scene of pumps, valves, piping, flanges and electrical control installation commissioning, moved to the bright and spacious modern factory complete, combined with its leading technology and rich experience, standardization, modular design, integrated, tailor-made for the users working conditions more suitable for users with excellent performance complete heat exchanger unit.

Conditions apply
SECESPOL heat exchanger unit for P ≤ 1.6Mpa, T ≤ 400 ℃ hot water, high temperature saturated steam and superheated steam in a variety of conditions, we also based on the user's specific conditions and industrial requirements for your design with the most good cost performance of the heat exchanger unit.