Spiral winding shell heat exchanger

Product Features
H Series heat exchanger is a special ribbed tube wrapped around the main structure. This structure can effectively improve the heat transfer efficiency. The K series other than the heat exchanger, that is constructed without the use of threaded tube heat exchanger, the internal smooth tubes are used.

High heat transfer rate: the standard shell and tube and plate heat exchanger contrast, has a higher heat transfer coefficient. Vertical mounting: saves space required for installation. Operation is simple: different products in different models with pressure, temperature and flow rate under normal work effectively. Low running costs: V-type interface and threaded pipe applications to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment. .

Tube: Stainless steel,
Case: Stainless Steel,
Interface: stainless steel,
Flange: stainless steel, carbon steel,

Heating heating system,
Ventilation and cooling system,
System of industrial heat transfer process,
Pharmaceutical chemicals, dairy drinks,