Triple designed to protect the health, enhanced heat transfer
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The 39th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition on May 12 to 15 at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center grand opening, SECESPOL China headquarters to bring sanitary double tube sheet heat exchanger brilliant debut exhibition, aroused widespread concern in the participants, as the exhibition the scene of a wonderful work.

SECESPOL International Group, Europe's largest, most professional shell and tube heat exchanger manufacturers, focusing on process design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical cooperation, turnkey solution, its products are widely used in pharmaceutical, bio-engineering , fine chemicals, HVAC, food, beverage and other industries or fields.

Imported P Series Sanitary double tube sheet heat exchanger, is designed for the pharmaceutical, food hygiene, bio-engineering and other industries requiring the highest level of health or sanitary launched the field of heat exchangers, fully compliant with FDA, cGMP certification requirements, has widely used around the world. During the exhibition, "Pharmaceutical Equipment" magazine had the honor to interview SECESPOL China headquarters - Shandong Hongji General Manager Gu Yongshun heat transfer technology, the P series for readers heat exchanger applications in the pharmaceutical industry made a wonderful explanation.

European technology, quality assurance

   Reporter: GMP certification in China's pharmaceutical industry for years, as a direct drug production regulations, the implementation of its development of China's pharmaceutical industry has played a huge role in promoting. However, the overall level of China's pharmaceutical industry and lags far behind their foreign counterparts, do you think the main difference there?

Yongshun Jia (hereinafter referred to as JIA): At present, China's pharmaceutical industry and foreign R & D capabilities in addition to differences need to be further strengthened, but also because of China's most important pharmaceutical companies of production management system, manufacturing process and pharmaceutical equipment and abroad, there are still a certain gap. The pharmaceutical equipment directly determines the pharmaceutical production process, quality and production costs. We introduce SECESPOL sanitary heat exchanger in mind is to improve our standard of pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceutical production and further improve the quality and level of drugs, reduce operating costs and enhance the core competitiveness of Chinese medicines.

Reporter: You said before the introduction of SECESPOL sanitary heat exchangers were designed to improve our standard of pharmaceutical equipment, so that you demonstrated in the show the P-series hygienic heat exchangers are those advantages?

Jia: "we must first sharpen his tools", China's pharmaceutical industry in order to narrow the gap with the international, the pharmacy must have the level of equipment with international standards.

P series heat exchanger is the "European imported sanitary double tube plate and tube heat exchanger," in full compliance with FDA, cGMP certification requirements. Ensure the safe operation of process under the premise of a "minimum clearance" patented technology and unique manufacturing process, improve the effective heat transfer area per unit volume, and increase the heat transfer coefficient, to solve the traditional double tube sheet heat exchanger inefficiencies prevalent shortcomings, which can effectively improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs, but also reflects the company contributed to creating a low carbon economy of social responsibility.

Double tube sheet design, to avoid cross-contamination

    Reporter: Jia total, P Series heat exchanger as a professional health-grade heat exchangers, do you think of their products with your company in structure compared to other products What are the main differences?

Jia: P Series B Series compared to the heat exchanger and the main difference is the use of double tube sheet design, namely: the heat exchanger tubes connected at both ends and has two tube plates, tube plates and tubes used between Expansion process, effectively avoid the disclosure of production welding easily understood phenomenon, the outer tube bundle is the first expansion board and then after the welding process, tubes and tube plate to increase the stability of the connection between. Dual board structure is characterized by the tube plate and the shell when there is, between the end plate and tube bundle a variety of stress cracking, the injection of water can flow between two plates, can effectively avoid the injection of water mixed with cooling water, to facilitate real-time monitoring, to prevent cross-contamination.

Correspondent: P series heat exchanger is mainly used in those areas of the pharmaceutical? According to relevant provisions of the GMP, the pharmaceutical industry on the heat exchanger material, there are strict requirements, then our P-series heat exchanger material are those advantages?

Jia: P Series heat exchangers heat exchanger partitions mainly used water for injection, high purity materials, heating and cooling processes.

The relevant provisions of China's cGMP compliance: "Preparation of water for injection, storage and distribution should be able to prevent microbial growth and contamination. Storage tank and pipeline materials used should be non-toxic, corrosion-resistant; equipment in direct contact with the material within the surface, should not react with , does not release particles and materials adsorbed material. "

P series heat exchanger is used sanitary 316L stainless steel seamless pipe, pressure 1.6Mpa, suitable for CIP / SIP. Full compliance with FDA, cGMP material requirements.

Smooth surface, emptying the whole design, to avoid the growth of bacteria

    Reporter: Jia total, injection heating or cooling process in addition to cross-contamination occurs, but also often due to bacteria within the pipeline, the pollution caused by injection, in this regard your company's P series is how to avoid it?

   Jia: injection in the pipeline, the process flow of container inside the device are likely to be due to bacteria and contamination. P series of internal heat exchanger in order to avoid the breeding of bacteria, to take a series of measures, most notably in the following two points: First, empty all product contact side of the design, heat exchange tubes is no dead ends, to avoid the injection due to row air heat exchanger is not sufficient time remaining within the site and the breeding of bacteria occurred. Second, the product contact side of the smooth surface is done by means of electrical polishing, electropolishing can be exposed with the removal of impurities and the surface layer of the surface significantly reduces the total surface area, and greatly ease the inherent mechanical polishing the surface tension . Do not think this is just a simple process, to achieve a very smooth surface is not an easy task, the process requires strict processing technology, strict quality inspection, in order to make compliance with sanitary standards of the heat exchanger. After polishing, the surface roughness coefficient up to the 0.25μm, thus reducing microorganisms and impurities remain. In addition, after polishing the surface after the formation of a layer of fine films, to enhance the corrosion resistance of the heat exchanger.

    Reporter: Jia total ordinary man, the liquid in the container in a long residence time perishable, that is the breeding ground for bacteria, SECESPOL-P series of heat exchangers in order to avoid the growth of bacteria, it says you take the whole emptying design, then the main reflected in what areas?

    Jia: emptying the whole design simply is to stop using the device when not in bundles injection, thus effectively prevent the injection of retention and generate bacteria, deterioration caused by injection. SECESPOL-P Series emptying the whole heat exchanger design in the following two points: first, the bundle surface finish, and effectively avoid the injection of the attachment. This is relatively easy to understand, in general, the more smooth the surface of the object, the more difficult in the above attached to the liquid; second, the series of heat exchangers using reducer quick interface, the interface pipe end diameter less than diameter of the heat exchanger side interface to effectively prevent the retention of liquid junction. Reducing quick interface design, making the heat exchanger can only be installed vertically, horizontally, but also can increase the ease and convenience of installation.

    Reporter: Thank total to be interviewed Jia Jia total exposition, but also a wonderful lesson for my lesson, and enhance understanding of the heat exchanger. I believe readers will, like me, will learn a lot of knowledge. Here, I thank on behalf of readers, thank Jia total!