SECESPOL conference was held Chinese P series
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May 12 at the 39th (Spring 2010) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo held on the occasion, SECESPOL • China P Series Sanitary double tube sheet heat exchanger product launch in Jiangsu Golden Dream Grand Hotel Victory was held. New product at this conference guests China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, Lumeng Ming, director, customer representatives more than 90 people. SECESPOL • General Manager Gu Yongshun China headquarters attended the meeting and gave an important speech.
      P series double tube sheet heat exchanger as SECESPOL a new generation of star product, is designed for the pharmaceutical, food hygiene, health and biological engineering level requirements more stringent release of the health industry or field-level heat exchanger, fully compliant with FDA, cGMP certification requirements, now in Europe, the United States and other developed countries widely used.
       P series of heat exchangers using the current science and the world's most advanced dual board structure designed to effectively avoid the primary materials and secondary materials, cross-contamination; Tube polishing process using advanced processing power, the maximum surface roughness reached a harsh 0.25μm, not only to reduce the retention of microorganisms and impurities, and help bundle the complete emptying of liquid; use reducer quick interface, effectively avoiding heat exchanger and pipe connections at the fluid retention, to achieve a the real full-emptying design. At the same time series of heat exchangers to meet the safe operation of the premise, using the most advanced metal processing technology, all with high-quality 316L stainless steel, to ensure safe operating conditions, make full use of the minimum clearance techniques, greatly improving the heat transfer film coefficient, heat capacity per unit area is several times more than conventional heat exchangers, greatly improving efficiency, reducing business operating costs, access to experts, customers alike.
       SECESPOL P Series double tube sheet heat exchanger health level the successful introduction of not only heat the domestic market to international most advanced level of health standards, while improving the equipment of our pharmaceutical companies and equipment level, products of China's pharmaceutical enterprises to improve quality and quality of drugs provided a guarantee.