SECESPOL heat exchanger in the CIP system application (below)
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3.1 SECESPOL heat exchanger in the advantages of CIP cleaning system
① In the vapor (gas) - a high heat transfer coefficient of hydraulic conditions in

SECESPOL unique spiral wound heat exchanger structure, heat transfer coefficient up to 14000w/m2 · ℃ the heat transfer process to fully release the steam heat, condensing temperature low. The same can be heated sufficiently liquid to absorb heat, reducing heat loss.

② to ensure a constant temperature of cleaning liquid cleaning

CIP cleaning process, the need to provide a suitable cleaning fluid temperature, to improve the cleaning effect. Because the temperature of cleaning liquid between 32-85OC, each increase of 10OC, 1.6 times the cleaning effect. SECESPOL heat exchanger as a CIP cleaning system, an external heat exchanger, can be heated moment of cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid process to ensure the pipeline loop temperature, to ensure that the cleaning effect.

③ small size, light weight

SECESPOL high coefficient of heat exchanger to improve heat transfer efficiency of heat transfer per unit area, using a small heat transfer area will be able to meet the demand. Small size and pipe can be connected directly, without any foundation construction, reducing construction costs and covers the cost of investment, saving the pre-construction investment. Such as: as xx Mengniu Dairy (relating to confidentiality) the use of 0.6Mpa steam to 25t / h of water heated from 20OC to 90OC moment need a diameter of 159mm height 1492mm can meet the process heat exchanger heating requirements

④ All stainless steel construction, high strength, corrosion resistance

SECESPOL use all stainless steel heat exchanger, the material on the CIP cleaning process now used in nitric acid and sodium hydroxide, a strong resistance to corrosion. This structure, in the course without regard to material fatigue limit, in the whole process does not require any use of replacement parts, a significant reduction in maintenance costs. For example: the situation for Harbin, the gasket is our annual cost of only a few million on their savings, this figure is considerable.

From a security perspective, all stainless steel construction safe. As the stainless steel corrosion-resistant, acid-base fluid conditions in the use of high safety factor. The sealing plate heat exchanger is due to be completed by the rubber pad, rubber pad to reach the fatigue limit when the maintenance is not timely, it may result in a cleaning fluid splash injury. Also causing companies stop, seriously affecting the production operation.

⑤ timely and efficient services for the production of

SECESPOL heat exchanger for the CIP at any time in the hot water, to provide the required sterilization for the temperature of hot water to facilitate the production of enterprises require the production of hot water disinfection equipment needs, than in the tank directly heated, with more security efficient features.

⑥ long life, low fouling tendency.

Unique design with flexible spiral wound bundle of properties, can eliminate the heat transfer process in a variety of failure stress, so SECESPOL heat exchanger length, the unique 100 ° connection and 5.5m / s high-flow heat exchanger design to make the knot low propensity scale, reduce maintenance costs.

3.2-benefit analysis of the actual working conditions

Now a large domestic brewery CIP system in the case of different heat exchanger to do the following analysis:

(1) CIP cleaning process will need to use cleaning fluid heat exchanger to heat up, to ensure that the cleaning solution temperature, increase the cleaning effect, specifically: use of saturated steam pressure of 0.6MPa, the inlet temperature of 10 ℃, flow rate of 38 tons / hour of cleaning fluid, heated to 80 ℃, the cleaning liquid is heated mainly used for pipeline flushing and recovery of part of the actual situation; the secondary side of the cleaning fluid was acid lotion (1.2% by volume nitric acid) and caustic agent (sodium hydroxide concentration of 3.0-5.0%).

(2) traditional use of plate heat exchangers

Enterprises which use CIP cleaning system plate heat exchanger, you need a half hours to seven tons cleaning fluid heated from 10 ℃ to 80 ℃. The first rubber plate heat exchangers need to be sealed, in the case of high temperature use for some time, it is easy to reach the fatigue limit, need to be replaced regularly. In such conditions the use of rubber mats for the fluorine rubber, the price is very high (4 rubber replacement cost was about several hundred thousand dollars). Second, a low coefficient of plate heat exchanger, heating for a long time, the steam consumed in large quantities, due to higher steam price (260 yuan / ton) potentially increase the cost of production. Frequent use of plate heat exchanger after being serious corrosion. Affecting the normal production to enterprises causing serious economic losses.

Then switch to SECESPOL heat exchanger, which is all stainless steel, high strength, corrosion resistance, to avoid the phenomenon of the rubber ring seal, reducing maintenance costs. In addition, SECESPOL heat exchanger steam - water heat transfer coefficient up to 14000w/m2 · ℃, heating method for the thermal and instantly be able to 7 tons of cleaning fluid heated to the desired temperature of 80 ℃ and kept constant, reducing the heating time, with about 15% steam savings for companies to reduce spending in the steam. SECESPOL unique spiral wound heat exchanger in the heating process of the structure can effectively reduce the thermal stress damage to the heat exchanger, extended service life. In addition, SECESPOL heat exchanger in the CIP system or a maintenance-free products, reduce production costs for the user.

Through the above analysis, we can see SECESPOL heat exchanger in the CIP cleaning system application benefits from the safe, timely, efficient, energy-efficient for the production of services.

4 Prospects

CIP-situ cleaning system as an ideal method of cleaning equipment in the country's medium-sized beer and beverage companies have been more widely used. However, the application of domestic-related variation in levels of enterprise, the authors examine a number of manufacturing enterprises in the CIP CIP system and found some companies are still many problems. The main expression is: Some companies CIP system configuration compatibility is not good, the lower performance of individual components; which not only caused a waste of energy, but also had a negative effect.

China's accession to WTO, the domestic manufacturers continue to accept the challenge of foreign counterparts, beer and beverage industry competition becomes fierce. Production process equipment cleaning as a very important aspect, should be given adequate attention. CIP cleaning equipment to improve the application level, is to ensure the quality of health products, and improving competitiveness of the necessary conditions, can not wait!