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SafePLATE - double wall brazed heat exchangers
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SafePLATE double wall brazed heat exchangers are designed for applications requiring high efficiency of heat transfer, where it is crucial to detect internal leakage between the media.

In case of failure of SafePLATE heat exchanger, either corrosion or pressure induced, special arrangement of plates and vents will prevent fluids from mixing and allow visual detection of leakage.

SafePLATE exchangers are used, especially when systems must comply with high safety requirements.


- Drinking water systems
- Food and beverages production
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- High purity water systems
- Chemical industry
- Oil cooling


- heat exchange surface: stainless steel 1.4404/316L
- brazing: copper, nickel


- Water, glycol
- Steam, air
- inert liquids and gases


Flow channels layout in SafePLATE heat exchanger

  WORKING PARAMETERS Max working pressure Temperature min / max
  Copper braze

 LA, LB: 3,0 Mpa

 LC, LD: 2,0 Mpa 

 -195 0C/230 0C
  Nickel braze

 LA,LB,LC,LD: 1,0 Mpa

 -195 0C/350 0C

 Manufactured according to PED, ASME, UL, SELO, GOST

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