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Presentation of the new SECESPOL offer at the ISH in Frankfurt .
Updated:2011-03-29 10:45:00    By:sdhuge    Hits:2499

ISH Fair in Frankfurt is the largest international event in the field of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and water systems.
It takes place regularly every two years and attracts over 2 000 exhibitors from around the world, many of who are leaders in the global market with the broad construction sector.

Among the many sector specialists ISH fairs are considered the most prestigious event of its kind in Europe. This year the fair attracted a record number of 204 000 visitors of which 35% were customers from outside Germany.

SECESPOL presented at trade fairs outside the known products of a series of JAD, B-Line and L-line solutions as well as new product line SAFE PLATE exchangers with double plates designed for applications where the mixing of fluids due to damage to the heat exchanger is unacceptable. A major interest was in the heat exchangers R-LINE designed for cooling with a unique distribution system of a dynamic factor of boiling - DMF. This system ensures a balanced distribution of refrigerant in the evaporator channels while reducing fluctuations in the overheated vapor.

Another fair ISH in Frankfurt will be held on 12 March 2013 and taking into account high interest in SECESPOL's products during the previous fairs we are convinced of our presence in next edition. You are already welcome!